Literacy Mission



Our vision statement as a literacy teacher is to help children, in any grade level, to be successful readers and writers by modeling positive behavior toward reading and writing, teaching explicit reading and writing instruction, teaching according to the needs of my students, and most importantly teaching my students why they need to learn how to read and write (i.e., the practical and empowering reasons).


Learning goals are the purpose and the content goal of the lesson. The purpose of the lesson gives the teacher the reason why he or she is teaching this lesson. For example, if a few students did not understand the difference between narrative and informative text structures, a teacher’s purpose could be to teach these students in a small group this difference and help them apply what they have learned.


  • To be aware of the deprived reasons for participating in the development process and to try to improve their situation.
  • Acquiring skills for country’s economic status and development
  • National integration, environmental protection, women’s equality, small family norms to follow and so on.
Karthikeyan (Maths)
India currently has the largest illiterate population throughout the world. Despite Government measures to eradicate illiterate mostly it ends with a drastic failure. An intensive measurement is needed to focus for the education mainly for the people who lives in the rural area. The main objective of the club is to bring awareness among people the need of literacy and make them to enroll themselves in the circle of education.
List of Activities  (2020 - 2021)
List of Activities  (2021 - 2022)